Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leopard- look at it!!!!

leopard-look at it!!!

Now I must to admit I have always been a fan of an animal print and pattern, especially the leopard one (u'll see it anyway soon)!! But in moderation... not like u throw everything that has the note of "wildness" on u and after that u look like a "camouflaged jungle member" or "somebody who is going to be killed accidentally by some safari fanatic"!! If u can make an animal sound or scream, even better...hm maybe u even have a tail!!:))
I just can't help being funny (with a small small dose of irony and sarcasm), or at least trying to, 'cause I like to see people smiling and having fun, and if I can help them to feel like that even better!
Anyway in this set I love so much this pretty calf hair satchel and Prada booties, so effective and thanks to those items the whole neutral set  gets dynamic tone! 


  1. Love the camel coat/dress
    x fashionnerdic

  2. Hi!
    Nice post!
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  3. I love animal print in moderation, too!

    Just came across your blog!



  4. really love the camel set :D nice blog here

  5. I bought myself a cute cardigan with fragile leopard print, I was so happy about it untill.... My dad told mr thast I look like a whore:P I didn't undrestand him at all, but I gave it back to the shop:( Anyway i really like the leopard print:)
    I also has been thinking abot Our following:) I have to admit that I enjoy much on Your blog... So perque no? :D



    (Yes I'm following U now:*)


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