Monday, November 29, 2010

"Crazy" shoes- true piece of art!

Gasoline Glamour shoes

How crazy these shoes from the "House of gasoline glamour" look like??!!! But that doesn't mean you need to be crazy to wear them!!! You just need to be bold enough without any pinch of shyness, with an attitude, preferable rebel in the soul with a tendency to move your own (and the others) limits! I personally wouldn't wear them but in my opinion they're true piece of art, and could stand in the museum without any question!! The only thing is maybe the price!!?! Most of them are around 7000-8000$...

House of Gasoline glamour
House of Gasoline glamour sandals
House of Gasoline glamour shoes
Gasoline Glamour black shoes
most extravagant shoes
one of a kind shoes
gold booties with extravagant plaltforms
Most expensive shoes
Crazy shoes true piece of art


  1. omg each pair is soooo cool!!<3

  2. they are amazing !!!! ♥♥ i can`t take my eyes out of them

  3. Thanks for the comment! :) I just added you on bloglovin and I will place you under my "L.O.V.E" category on my blog <3

  4. wow, they are so adorable! looooove every single one of them!

  5. Wow!! Definitely head-turning shoes!! So elaborate!!

    Yes, let's switch places!! You're welcome to come visit Hawaii anytime :-) xoxoxoxo

  6. so original! xx

  7. OMG!!!!! the first ones are GORGEOUS thanks for following darling , I am following you back ; )

  8. wow, pieces of a museum!!
    Kisses from Spain and thanks for your words ;-)

  9. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is very nice.... i love the heels....xox0
    i follow...


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