Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking out some furniture....

Few days ago I went to one shop with the furniture in order to check what's interesting and appealing there, for one reason which I'll discover some other time... They had some really nice leather sofas, chairs, cute tables and similar, but there was one leather sofa that I liked from the first moment... Although a little bit bigger than needed, it was made from the beautiful so soft leather in the sand color, but kind of a leather that has old, marble not-polished look... And surprise- it was the last exhibition piece, grrrr! They won't produce this model anymore in the leather (by the words of the salesmen it's the most expensive type of the leather?!)... maybe I shouldn't say it was a surprise since I've had a "talent" from my birth to pick the most expensive things (luckily I don't use this talent so much, almost at all in the real life, I indulge only virtually, lol)!
And like I knew I had matching clothes with the furniture, it seemed to me I was the part of the exhibition!:) It was the real camouflage of a chameleon!:) Bershka jacket, Symbol shoes and bag in the same color, dark jeans, orange sweater and wool scarf...



  1. I guess we share that talent! ... I loved your blog, already following you too! ... I'm a huge Polyvore fan aswell! ... Be in touch! Thanks for stopping by, you're welcome anytime! xo


  2. hey love your outfit! thanks for checking out my blog i became a follower of yours throught bloglovin hope u become too http://redpurplefashionista.blogspot.com/

  3. Ha, you do match the couch, it looks like it was meant to be :) I would so love to own a new one! Great outfit, I love the jacket! Thanks for stopping by my blog, visit again soon :)

    Beneath the Glass

  4. You look great in that jacket!




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