Monday, November 29, 2010

Change the color like the chameleon!;)

From the first moment I started to paint my hair (which was in the high school, I think it was fourth grade-too late right?lol) I wasn't afraid of the colors... luckily I have grateful skin and eye color which permit me to experiment with all shades... that is something I DO like to change from time to time, not too often, especially when I want, like the other girls, to make some BIG change in my life, or at least hopefully to try... I am naturally brunette (my hair is by itself lighter during the summer) but I was was black, red, honey blond (this "blond" down is the wig color,lol), I tried shades of brown and now I'm back to my "roots"! With the color I'll do everything but with the shape and length-NO THANKS! I cut my soooo long hair (I had bob at the end of hair session!!!) one time in the life, when I was in the primary school and never again!! And few times I must to admit I cried, 'cause some stupid people just don't listen what u tell them- "Please cut me only 2,3 cm"- "Of course!!!", and then I had 6,7cm less!!!??!! But some small changes again from time to time are ok and even more desirable, for example bangles...
So does anybody have an idea what should be my next hair color- green maybe??!:D




  1. You look beautiful in all hair colors but my favorite is the black and brunette on you! Hmmm...maybe blue hair? :-) xxxoxoxoo

  2. I was thinking about the blue also!:))) Maybe that will be my next color inspiration!:D

  3. SO many different looks! Blonde is my favorite, maybe because I'm a blonde too :)

    Make sure to look out for my surprise Chanel giveaway tomorrow


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